April Highlights

April was a good month for both our horse and football lay tips with all members profiting.


Our lay betting system continues to be a success achieving our daily targets with either the 1st or 2nd tip for the entire month.


Below is a quick display of the kind of profits we are making following our system from the start of the year. This is simply sticking to the steps detailed and achieving our daily target each day. I personally started January with a daily target of £10 and have been increasing it by only 10p each day! it really is that simple!.


That’s £1,400 tax free profit for 4 months work, not bad is is?


And it’s only going to increase as our daily target increases, I started with a daily target of £10 and now up to £20! my projected annual profit for 2019 from following ONLY this system is a huge £12,000!


Highlights From April

  • 147 tips in total
  • 87% win rate for Bronze
  • 79% win rate for Silver
  • 1st tip won 22 times!
  • 3rd Horse tip wasn’t used
  • 4th Horse tip wasn’t used
  • Over £500 profit for the month
  • Over £1,400 profit in total