Someone using a calculator and writing on a notepad.

Gambling vs Profit

We know this looks stupid doesn’t it, it’s the same thing isn’t it?……….However we don’t think it is and let me try and explain why.

There are typically two types of people that gamble/place bets;

  • People looking for a consistent profit, maybe searching for the perfect system or betting edge.
  • The person who genuinely gets a thrill from a few winning bets a week.

We fully understand that gambling can be exciting and a sometimes a rush win or lose, we also understand that betting for profit is not. Betting for profit is a long drawn out boring process, but in our opinion far more worthwhile.

Our horse lay system is designed for that person looking to make consistent profit with an annual target. The profits we advertise are after 12 months of horse lay betting Monday to Friday, following a strict formula, you win your daily target and stop betting.

The main reason we investigated creating a system for our lay tips was simply because making a profit from horse racing and in some cases a living from horse racing, we couldn’t care less about the excitement that surrounds betting on a horse.

A close friend and long-time member has been following our horse lay system since January 2017. Following our advice of starting with a £5 daily stake and increasing by only 10p, they have recently made over £6,000!!

Now you may say £6,000 is hardly a dream maker amount of money and you’ll correct it isn’t, however with an already full-time salary we challenge anyone to find a better end of year TAX FREE bonus!

This is the exact mentality we want to encourage, for a very little initial investment and time spent our horse lay system is a great supplement to anyone’s income.