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June Highlights

June was a very good month for all of our members and was much needed after our terrible Bronze package results in May.


We haven’t had a full month with our new Silver package service yet, however it is already performing very well!

Silver Package 🥈

We notified you all that we were going to re-organise our packages and provide bog standard horse lay tips. We decided to drop our football lay tips simply because it wasn’t proving to be constantly profitable. Our aim is to make consistent profit, plain and simple and we felt the best way to do this was to utilise our expertise and stick to horse lay betting.


We did intend to launch our new Silver service at the beginning of June, however this was delayed until the 17th. This meant we only supplied 34 tips in total ending the first month with 24 points profit!


A lot of our Bronze members have decided to swap to our Silver package based on these results and unsurprisingly a lot have opted to subscribe to our Gold package so they can still take advantage of our Lay Betting System.


Before you think about replying to this email with negative comments regarding the odds of our Silver package tips, don’t! We couldn’t give a s**t what the odds are, if we believe a horse is not going to win a race we will tip it!

Bronze Package Highlights 🥉

  • 97 tips in total
  • 78 wins
  • 3rd tip required only once
  • 1st tip won 21 times

Silver Package Highlights 🥈

  • 34 tips in total
  • 33 wins
  • £290 profit (£10 stake)
  • +29 points