March Highlights

If you’re not a member of ours, why not? Do you really want to miss out of profit like THIS!


The above screenshot shows my personal profit and loss stats after following our own Lay Betting System from 01/01/2019 to 01/04/2019.


That means if you signed up to our Bronze package and followed the same system at the start of January, you would be looking at a profit of £881.60(minus your membership fees)


Not a huge profit no, however we are only 3 months into a year long system with an end of year target of around £12,000!


We fully understand this email is purely showing off BUT WE COULDN’T CARE LESS.


We’re proud of the service and system we provide and enjoy nothing more than rubbing our success in the faces of all of our doubters 😁

Highlights From March

  • 139 tips in total
  • 78% win rate for Bronze
  • 1st tip won 18 times
  • 4th Horse tip wasn’t used
  • Over £400 profit for the month
  • Over £900 profit in total