🥈Silver Membership Package

If you enjoy laying horses but want a higher strike rate, our Silver package is ideal for you. Horse lay betting can be hugely profitable when the number of loses is low and wins are consistent.

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What You Need To Know
Loss Recovery Strategy
Designed to be used with our🥈Silver Membership Package tips

We use a loss recovery strategy with our Silver package tips that is very similar to the ‘Loss Recovery Betting System’ we use with our Bronze tips, but with a twist.

Both strategies are designed to recover loses, however with our Silver package tips and loss recovery strategy we split the amount we need to recover between the next 2 bets. This style of loss recovery will all make sense when looking at our results spreadsheet here.

You will see from the results spreadsheet link above and in the screenshot that when we suffer a loss, it is split in half and own back in the next 2 bets. In the example below we suffered a loss of £45 on the 29th September, we simply split this loss in half and staked between the next 2 bets, making the next two bets £22.50 stakes.

Screenshot of Silver package results spreadsheet
What Happens If We Suffer Another Loss

It is possible that we are unable to recover a loss and that we unfortunately suffer another loss during the next two bets.

What you do in this situation will depend on your confidence/nerve and you bank balance. We personally cut our loses, essentially forget about the loss and place the next bet at our initial stake amount, £10 for example.

So you can see in the example below (results changed for demo) that if our bet of £22.50 lost instead, we would have lost a further £117 and instead trying to recover this loss we start again at our initial stake of £10.

Silver package recovery loss screenshots

The alternative is that you do persist and attempt to recover the original loss of £45 AND the most recent loss of £117, again split in half between the next 2 bets.

This would make the total loss £162, therefore the next 2 bets will be at £81 each, as can be seen in the screenshot example below.

Silver package loss recovery 2 loses screenshot
Our Pricing Plans
Silver Membership Package
Easy To Follow Tips

per month

  • Horse lay tips with mid odds
  • Medium risk
  • Unlimited horse lay tips
  • Tips supplied Monday – Saturday
  • Safe and secure payments
  • One to one support
  • No contract, cancel anytime!

Gold Membership Package
Bronze AND Silver tips

per month

  • Bronze and Silver package tips
  • £39.98 saving!!!
  • Our lay betting system and simple level stake bets
  • Safe and secure payments
  • One to one support
  • No contract, cancel anytime!

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